Welcome to the Startup Incubator! 

I'm so glad that you've chosen to join me on this epic, fantastic adventure.  You have committed to start this amazing journey and I'm honoured to be a part of it.  This week is all about getting you ready to get started on the right foot.


In This Module You Will...

  • Take some time to think about you and the course.
  • Complete your first customer questionnaire that will lead you to better understand their pains/desires.

Introduction - Welcome Pack 

The Introductory Welcome Pack is a short document to set you up for the course ahead.

Startup Academy.png

Worksheet 1 - Food for Thought

Take a look at worksheet 1 and put some time aside to think through the question.  This can be done on a train ride, in the shower or while taking a walk.  It doesnt take long and is just something to keep at the back of your mind.

Startup Academy.png

Worksheet 2 - Customer Questionnaire

Worksheet 2 is a questionnaire about your customer avatar.  Picture who you are serving with your business and then work through the questions to better understand them.

Bonus Tools & Resources