You've made it to week 5, where you will be creating a plan for delivering your MVP.  It's the culmination of everything we’ve been working on throughout this course.

Your Minimum Viable Product is the smallest thing you can build that delivers value to your customers, and hopefully gets you some value back too.  Just remember to stay focused on adding value to customers and learning what’s working and what needs more attention. 


In This Module You Will...

  • Learn what your MVP should include and what to exclude for now.
  • Build a feedback loop to allow for learning from customers.
  • Create a plan of what to include in your MVP.

Creating Your Minimum Viable Product


Workbook - Test Your MVP

Module 5 is where you're figuring out what features should go into your MVP and more importantly, which ones can be excluded to keep it minimal AND valuable.


Worksheet 1 - Feature MVP List

Here you will be creating your list of essential features, focusing on what delivers the most value to customers and what you can learn the most from.


Worksheet 2 - MVP Feedback Loop

In order to learn what is and isn't working, you'll need a feedback loop from your customers to you.  


Worksheet 3 - Creating Your MVP

Now that you have your features list and your feedback loop, let's make a plan for what goes in when and hold yourself accountable.


Module 5 Checklist

Download to ensure you've completed all required sections.