This week, we will be creating your first offer to put out into the world - how exciting is that?!  You will be taking everything you've learned in week 1 and 2 and starting to put together a solution.  this is your very first step to creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


In This Module You Will...

  • Create your Customer Needs Board (CNB).
  • Investigate the market by going on a Social Safari.
  • Create your irresistable offer to release to the market.

Creating an Irresistable Offer



Using Trello for Your Customer Needs Board


Workbook - How to Validate Your Offer

Module 3 is all about creating your first offer (or solution) to start testing whether your early adopters are interested in this solution.  Remember, this is just a test we're running, it doesnt matter if your results are great or shocking, the main thing is you are learning!


Worksheet 1 - Customer Needs Board

This board will be the basis of your solution that you create.


Worksheet 2 - Brainstorm Possible Solutions

Now that you have a board full of problems and areas that could be served better, let's start thinking about what you can create to fill those gaps.


Worksheet 3 - Create Your Offer

After picking the best possible solution, now you will be creating an offer to start testing if that's the solution that your customers really do want.


Module 3 Checklist

Download to ensure you've completed all required sections.