Find your first customers who have the problem you're trying to solve and are already paying in some way (time/ money) to solve it.  This is such an important step in the startup process as it lets you know exactly what your customers want to pay you for - bliss!


In This Module You Will...

  • Discover who your early adopters are and where to find them.
  • Schedule and conduct the interviews you need to with the right people.
  • Learn from your customers what exactly they want to pay you for that will help them solve their problem.

Interviewing Successfully


Workbook - Interviewing Your Customers

Module 2 is all about getting out the building and talking to your customers!  It's about learning what products/services they need from you.


Worksheet 1 - Find Your Early Adopters

Let's work through where your early adopters are both online and offline so you know where to find them.


Worksheet 2 - Schedule Interviews

With so many things on your plate, you'll need to carve out time to conduct the interviews.  This schedule is to help keep yourself accountable.


Worksheet 3 - Your Interview Script

You have the people, the schedule and now you need to practise how to ask them the right questions!

Module 2 Checklist


Download to ensure you've completed all required sections.