Discover what type of business model suits your idea and discover your most viable business model.  In this sprint we will dive into your personal goals and how your idea can create your dream lifestyle for you.

In This Module You Will...

  • Discover what your personal goals are and what your internal driver is for starting a business.
  • Carve out the time you'll need to dedicate to this course and your business idea.
  • Plot your business model using the Lean Canvas model and find areas where you can improve it.

Planning for your success

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Sprint 1 Playbook 1 - Your Personal Goals

Sprint 2 Playbook 1 is about finding what your own level of success means to you personally.  It's nobody else's view of what you should be doing, only your own.


Sprint 1 Playbook 2 - Find Your Time

Starting a successful business is no easy feat and we know it takes dedicated time.  This is your turn to find the time and carve out the hours you'll need to make it work.


Sprint 1 Playbook 3 - Your Business Model

Now that you know what type of business you want to build and what time you have to do it, let's figure out what your business model is.


Sprint 1 Checklist

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