Course worth £149 selling here for only £17!



Not sure if your business idea is worth pursuing?

Have too many ideas to choose from?

Or feel as though you haven't yet found the right business idea?

Stop the overwhelm and find your target market and perfect business idea in a day.

The Idea Generator Toolkit walks you through a step-by-step process to define the people you want to help and cuts through the noise to get to your perfect business idea.

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The Idea Generator Toolkit will give you everything you need to find your ideal customer and the business idea to match.

  • 9 short videos walking you through the process and explaining the framework
  • A BONUS worksheet for you to fill in
  • 3 workbooks explaining all the concepts quickly
  • A no fluff, no BS approach to finding your business idea
  • Use brainstorming and design  thinking to find your niche
  • Find your ideal customer to work with
  • Discover what market needs there are for you to fill
  • Realise what business you need to start building today 

This course is usually sold for £149, but only £17 here!

STOP the overwhelm and get some focus

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When I wanted to start a business I had no idea what niche I would be working in and what I could offer.

I soon realised that the advice out there was incomplete, total fluff or just plain wrong.

I decided I had to build the most comprehensive, but to-the-point course to help people get there fast.

Find your ideal customer and your business idea in just one day with this course.

"Nicole provided insightful approaches on validating, improving and marketing my business idea."
- Duniya Okada -

Your Instructor


Hey, I'm Nicole!

I help entrepreneurs find sustainable, profitable business models by building products people really want to use.  I've successfully founded 2 startups that leverage technology to reach more people, worked in investment banking for nearly a decade, lived on 3 continents and am raising 2 wonderful girls and a feisty puppy!