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Make 2018 the Year of Achieving Your Goals- Webinar


Why is it so easy to set goals but so hard to keep them?  You can buy the prettiest planners and use the best apps to keep yourself on track yet still miss your big goals year after year - I’m speaking from my own past experience.  But why is that?  Well, that’s because we’ve been doing it all wrong.

So many founders I’ve spoken to found 2017 difficult for their business and hoped for more progress. It got me thinking... I’ve been reading a lot this year about goal setting and testing different techniques on how to make good habits stick.  Now I want to share it all with you.

Join me for this webinar and you’ll learn the latest techniques for how to achieve your goals in 2018.  This isn’t another “smart goals" exercise that you’ve heard a hundred times, this is the new way top performance coaches are looking at goal setting - dream big, start small!

I’ll be sending out a workbook before the webinar to all those who are registered so you can work through your goal setting for 2018.  It will be a hands on webinar with take-away actions you can start to apply immediately.

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