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Kickstart Your Business with Lean Canvas

Does this sound like you?

"I have an idea, but am not sure where to start".

"I have a great product, but am not sure who to contact about it first".

"I don't have the time to write out a 60+ page business plan, but I know I need one”.

What it's about:

Startups have realised that there’s a better way to plan your business than wasting weeks of your life writing out a 60 page plan that nobody reads. The Lean Canvas from Ash Maurya has changed all that, thank goodness for us entrepreneurs!

Come to the workshop to learn how to plan your business model in 20 minutes or less and leave knowing which area of your business you need to start working on now.  If you learn how to apply this canvas, you will use it every time you have a new business idea, idea for a new project , have to get feedback on your business idea or talk to investors about it.

This is for:

  • anyone with a business idea who feels “stuck”
  • founders who have started their business, but aren’t getting the traction they’re after
  • anyone who knows they want to start a business, but have a few ideas to work through

What to expect:

  • Introductions and a chance to talk about your big idea
  • Hands-on workshop going through your business idea using Lean Canvas
  • Talk about biggest risks for each participant so you leave knowing what do do next
  • A few copies of the Lean Canvas for you to work on in your own time

Group is kept small to ensure there is enough time to work through each person's idea.

Ticket price is to cover venue costs.

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