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Networking coffee with babies and business ideas!

This will be our first Meetup for the Supermums Group and I'm very excited to meet you there. I'll be finding us a baby-friendly location that welcomes breastfeeding and all the chaos that comes with little ones.

This coffee morning is a chance to meet with like-minded mums in a supportive environment. It's a great chance for you to start talking about your business idea if you haven't already (don't worry about anyone stealing your idea - it takes real passion and determination to get an idea off the ground!), or just get some advice on how to get to the next step in your business.

When I was home with my little ones I often felt as though I was a little crazy not to just go back to my old investment banking job and instead try and start my own business. I found talking to mums in a similar position to me a huge help and I hope you do too!

Look forward to meeting you there!