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Defining Your Target Audience

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"You’ve got to start with a small, intense fire. It’s impossible to make something that a large number of people want a lot. You’ve got to know who those first users are and how you’re gonna get them. And then you just sit down and have a party with those first users, focus entirely on them, and you make them super, super happy.” Paul Graham

I've seen a pattern with many entrepreneurs starting out. They create a product, upload it to their website. Tweet it, Instagram it, put it up on Pinterest, send it to everyone they know. And then wait... 
Come back the next day to see sales analytics, and...nothing, no sales. Come back the next day, and .... nothing, no sales, no love....just crickets.

Why does this happen so often? And what can you do to prevent it from happening to you? 
Defining your target audience and learning how to create something they love, takes a few simple steps.

Join us to learn how to: 
> Analyse a market segment for a need
> Define your target audience using the Empathy Map
> Run through essential questions to get to know your audience in depth
> Create either a sales funnel or sales ladder, and understand both
> Figure out who your early adopters are and where to find them
> Know what to ask to build a product your customers adore
What you will get: 
> Copies of the Empathy map
> Copies of audience questions to ask - personal and business focused
> Workbook with slides
> The early-adopters curve worksheet
> Outlines on how to ask questions for B2B and B2C businesses

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