The top 50 tools you need to boost your business

I couldn’t have started my business without these tools, they’re like unicorn tears to a budding entrepreneur. 


Business Operations:

1. Trello – great for product development, tracking to-do lists and basic project management.

2. Asana – my go-to project management tool that sends reminders by tasks, alerts when tasks are missed and keeps me on track for each project.

3. Evernote – the easy way to keep all my business ideas and notes in one place that’s available at all times.

4. Canva – my favourite way to create graphics for e-courses, social media, newsletters etc.  Pay only for the images you use, not a subscription.

5. Pic Monkey – photo editing and design graphics.

6. Lastpass – the best way to keep all those millions of passwords.

7. Squarespace – my website that makes me look a tad more professional than I am!

8. Mailchimp – free business newsletter service up to 2,000 subscribers. Simple, free and effective.

9. Screencast O-Matic – free software I use to capture screens for e-courses and record videos.

10. Teachable – the platform I use to host my e-course, after trying 3 different providers this one rocks!

11. Zapier – manage all app integrations in one place.

12. PayPal for Business – payment gateway for business.

13. Stripe – similar to PayPal and integrated onto my website on Squarespace.

14. PDF Escape – free and easy to make all PDFs interactive.

15. Dropbox for Business – easy way to store and share files with teams and customers.


Social Media:

16. Instagram – need I say more?

17. Facebook – need I say more?

18. Pinterest – need I say more?

19. Twitter – need I say more?

20. LinkedIn – need I say more?

21. Medium – not really social media per se, but more of a content platform I use that gets your message out there.

22. Buffer - a perennial favorite for scheduling social media posts because it’s easy, cheap, and effective. 

23. Hootesuite – similar to Buffer but more robust in some ways.

24. Coschedule Headline Analyser – similar to above, but I only use the Headline Analyser to help create engaging blog post titles.

25. - at its most basic, Bitly is a link shortener. But it also offers statistics and data about how many people are clicking on your links and where they’re being shared. 

26. – similar to, but 1 digit shorter.

27. Continual – turn long videos into 15 second stories on your phone for Instagram.

28. - transcribes audio or video to text. Great for turning FB lives or podcast into a blog post.

29. Trint - same as but cheaper.


Free images:

30. Unsplash – this is the photo sharing platform I use most often.

31. Death to the Stock Photo – similar to above.


Community management:

32. Meetup – platform to create, find like-minded groups that meet up regularly.

33. Mighty Networks -  a new(ish) platform for building communities.

34. Facebook Groups – doesn’t need an explanation.

35. Slack – messaging system and file sharing and community building platform.



36. Headspace – meditation app great for starters.

37. Calm – similar to above.

38. Pomodoro Keeper – time management technique to increase productivity.

39. Interval Timer – similar to Pomodoro.

40. Way of Life – break a bad habit.


Product Development:

41. Mindmeister – mind-mapping tool.

42. Sketch – easy-to-use prototyping tool.

43. InVision – interactive protyping tool.

44. Balsalmiq – rapid wireframing software that helps you design your interface fast.

45. Github – build and test code launches.

46. Trello – see above in Business Operations, great for planning out digital products (I use it for my e-courses during the ideation phase) and can be used for Agile product development.

47. Bubble – build software or an app with zero coding knowledge.


In addition to these great resources, we also offer:

48. FREE Startup Mini-Course - to get you from start to finish in 6 days.

49. Idea Generator Toolkit - to help you find your ideal business idea.

50. Idea to Impact Accelerator - to get you from a business idea to launching your business with your ideal customers in 6 weeks.


Photo by Javier Quesada on Unsplash


Nicole Velho helps entrepreneurs find a profitable, sustainable business model that works. She’s the founder of Super Startups and runs a 6-week online accelerator for ambitious, big-hearted entrepreneurs.