Why are we rebranding to Super Startups?

Supermum Startups is becoming Super Startups, because our customers asked for it. 

One of the big lessons taught in our Startup Incubator is to listen to your customers and build a company/ product with them.  We all need to be in touch with our customers’ biggest pains, fears and needs.  And then find a way to help fill that for them.

I started Supermum Startups after I had my first baby, Isabella.  I had so many business ideas floating around my head, but really struggled to take those first scary steps with any of them.  I realised that starting a business with a baby is no easy feat, and I wanted to find a way to help other mums going through the same thing.

After helping mums and getting feedback from them I soon realised that they wanted a space to be themselves, even if they are being a startup superhero while wiping a snotty nose or changing a stinky nappy.  They wanted time to focus on being a business creator just for themselves and remember a part of who they used to be. 

We also all agreed that if there are dads looking after young children and are going through the same struggles that we are/did, then they should have a space here too. 

Well, here we are with the same mission, the same content, the same safe space for mums to get the best, flexible startup support there is out there, but just a slightly different name.

We help parents test their business ideas so they can find a business model to grow with their children.