Hey, that's me Nicole!

Do you need a little help to turn your idea into your profitable, sustainable business? 

Well, that's something I can help you with.

I know what's it's like because I've been there before.

At first, I knew I wanted to start a business but didn't have a clue where to start.

I had co-founded an EdTech startup before but that was ages ago and the world had changed.  I felt out of my depth.

So I researched like mad, bought (probably too many) courses, flew around Europe learning the latest and greatest techniques being used by startups here and across the pond.  I became obsessed!

And now I want to share all that with you...

I'm the founder of Super Startups, a Lean Startup trainer and mentor, a mentor for Personal Branding Course at the University of Virginia, I worked in investment banking for almost a decade as a business analyst, have lived on 3 different continents, am the mother of 2 wonderful girls, I mentor at hackathons in London in my spare time and was part of the Founder Institute Accelerator Course 2017.  I also sit on the advisory board of startups to help advise on strategy and finance.

Now I teach entrepreneurs to build products that people really want to use.

Please feel free to reach out to me at nicole@superstartups.co about absolutely anything.  I love talking to people, so please go for it!



"Nicole, at Super Startups, has been very useful in restarting my consultancy business. Nicole provided insightful approaches on validating, improving and marketing my business idea. Working with Nicole was productive yet fun as she always had lots of practical advice and encouragement."
- Duniya Okada, Founder of DO-Sciences -
"Nicole has a great depth of knowledge in business planning and finance.  The PIVOT program guides you through the steps of making your business come to life, and the 1:1 calls and group meetings were both personable and very useful sounding boards.  As a result we have formed a wonderful network of support! "
- Dahlia Dajani, Founder of Entreprenursery -